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No import SLP(s) found with compatible replication target device(1591)

Level 3

Hello All,

i am trying to configure new slp from source to target and my storage server is data domain on both the side.

ddboost association also done on both the data domain but in primary side on SLP import slp not able to find.




Level 5

Are you using AIR or duplication?

If AIR, are the STUs (DataDomain) And Diskpools, STUs the exact same on both target and source? It's been awhile since I last used a DataDomain, but everything has to be exactly the same for AIR. Haven't used duplication since 2014. 

i am using for replication through SLP only.

both side (source and target storage is data domain and ddbosst association done on both the data domain.

not duplication only AIR

Level 5

Are the names of the DataDomain Storage Units and Netbackup Diskpools/Storage units the same on both sides?

Slp name is same rest all different because both the data domain are different

I think diskpool and storage unit can be different only slp name should be same

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Hi @NBU8123 

If you are doing replication between data domain belonging to the same master server, you don't do import.

It is a simple Managed File Replication (MFR). The OST DDBOOST plugin will tell data domain 1 to replicate to data domain 2 and the master server will know the backup image now exist in a secondary copy.

Level 4

Hello  @NBU8123 

I have the same problem with two new Data domain devices trying to configure NBU AIR

Did you solve the problem ?..

Thanks and best regards