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Non-Authoritative Active Directory Disaster Recovery scenario

Hello all,
I navigated over the topics here, and I could see that we have a lot of posts regarding Active Directory/Domain Controller, but almost all the time related to Backup Exec.
My current scenario is:
- We prepared a Virtual Environment out of our productive network;
- We installed a Master/Media Server there, and we intend to restore from productive network, all tapes where Active Directory/Domain Controller was backed up, to Test environment;
- We have AD/DC installed on Windows 2003 and 2008;
When I read suggested documentation, I couldn't make sure what to do for complete recovery for AD/DC.
My idea is, Install OS is all machines that we intend to recover, and so, restore System State/Shadow Copy Components.
Some of you already tested the following documentation?
The main doubt that I have is on step 5:
5. Perform a full system restore.
What it means? Restore everything together (C:, System State/Shadow Copy Components)? Or I have to restore one by one, restart, etc
Thank you in advance!
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when it say Full system

when it say Full system restore..

i believe it will be as in the below tech note

Thank you Nagala! Thats

Thank you Nagala! Thats it!!!!! Happy new year!