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Non Netbackup Media Found in Drive Index 0, Drive Index 1......freezing xxxx

Level 4

Hi all,

I have seen some media id's are getting freezing with the following error in the media logs:

non  NetBackup media found in drive index 0, FREEZING xxxx

I observed almost 43 instances like that we did not made any changes in the Master and from last 3 days I am observing this issue.

Does anybody got same kind of issue after writing some data  how the media shows that error.

All the errors occured on Data Movers only.

Any help or clue would be highly appreciated.




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This does not work @Thiago_Ribeiro as the backups have written some data and then the issue occurs. So I dont think so that none of the solution works. If that is the case then all the media should freeze, but this is happening on particular DM's. So something wierd....




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Please forgive us for not being on the same page...

Since "All the errors occured on Data Movers only" , please tell us what exactly these Data Movers are.
In backup terms, Data Movers are referred to as the media server writing the data to the storage.

Can we assume that you are not referring to a 'normal' NBU media server?
Maybe some sort of NDMP server?

Can you show us all text in Job details of a failing job?

Do you have bptm log folder on the media server (If NDMP, the media server selected as NDMP media server) ?


Thanks for your response.

All the Data Movers are EMC Celerra and we are trying to take backups of those DM's (data movers). We are using Windows media servers which are also of Windows 2008. I have attached the job details and the bptm log as well.


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Apologies again - It is end of my working day and week and unfortunately no time to sift through level 5 bptm log.

Looking at Job Details - there seems to something very wrong on this particular Celerra. 

There are multiple (NDMP_IO_ERR) errors.

Best to start with system log on the Celerra and also log simultaneous Support calls with Veritas and EMC.
Veritas will need the level 5 bptm log.