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Not able to take Backup

Level 4
Hi Team

We are using Unix Master server for taking backup . I am not able to take backup of some of the windows client .. i am able to telnet to the server through bpcd port .once i started the backup its granting resources and came to begin writting posistion . But after an long time say exactly 2 hours the data written is showing as zero .

Master Server :- HP -UX

NB VErsion : 6.5.4

Client : Windows Client .

Note : The backup is happening through WAN.


Sundar .

Level 6

Do this checks once from the client side:

1.  Run bpclntcmd -pn (To check if it is able to resolve master server)
2.  Check netbackup connectivity to the media server it is using at the time of backup.
3.  Check you have the MEDIA_SERVER and SERVER entry for the media server which is used at the time of backup

From master server check these:

1.  bpgetconfig -M <client name> SERVER (should complete successfully)
2.  bptestbpcd -client <client name> -verbose (To check netbackup connectivity with client)

From the media server check these:

1.  Check if you are able to connect through netbackup

Set VEROBSE = 5 in bp.conf file of the client, run the  test backup again for the problamatic client and get me the bpcd and vnetd logs for the test backups you ran.