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Not getting email of the Online hot catalog backup after applying MP4

Level 4
I used to get an email for DR info with the DR file attached after each online hot catalog backup. However, after applying MP4, NetBackup stopped sending email for DR info. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Level 6
We still get ours.

Level 5
i hear thats fixed in MP5

Level 6
try to send a test email from your server using the just the "mail portion" of the script.

if its UNIX
sendmail -v "hit enter"
type message here
type a period "hit enter"

the mail should be sent.


Level 6
or have your unix guys get rid of sendmail and replace it with exim.

/usr/bin/mailx -s "subject line"

Level 4
My master server is running Windows, so I'm using the Blat command to send email.

When I issue the following Blat command, I don't receive the email:

blat c:\test.txt -s "test" -t -i -server email.server

I would get the following messages:
Sending c:\test.txt to
Login name is address

But I'm not getting the email. I can ping the email server and telnet to the server through port 25 and all.

Level 6
Is the Blat program in a location that is in your system PATH setting?

What are the results of your command when you issue it?
An error? Nothing?

Have you checked the email server to see if it is holding these emails for some reason or if the account you're using is suspended?

Level 4
I know MP4 overwrote my backup_exit_notify script.....maybe it's done the same for you for whatever's controlling your DR notification. I don't know the particulars of where to look for that, but I'm sure one of these guys knows.

Level 4
Ok, I did get the email back when I issued the blat command at the command line on the master server, so the problem is not with the blat command.

I just ran the online hot catalog backup again, and I didn't get the email. The last email I received from the server was at 8:00am on 12/05, and I applied MP4 that afternoon, and I never got any more emails again since then. Not sure if that's just a coincidence.

I think I'm going to open a case with Veritas.

Level 4
MP4 did overwrite the nbmail.cmd script. It actually renamed the previous script as nbmail.cmd934 and stored it in \VERITAS\Patch\NB_60_4_M.

Level 6

I salute you! Thank you for posting this followup. It will help many others and will probably be cut/pasted into newer posts that will eventually come up asking the same question. Thank you. I wish I could award you some points.

Since I cannot do that, I will instead provide a technote that also may be helpful to you or other posters

DOCUMENTATION: How to configure email notifications for Windows clients using BLAT and nbmail.cmd in Veritas NetBackup (tm)