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Notification email not being sent to client when my Month end backup started.

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Hi All,

We have one client who supposed to be notified when monthend backup (policy:Nas_Userterms, schedule name: Monthly, schedule: Full)started and completed through email.

Email not triggered today. Can anyone help me in where i can find confifered files for my policy to invenstigate. or how to create a new mail alert for a policy.

i can not find existed config files anywhere, i dont know where this files resides generally too.



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Where exactly have you configured the email notification?
Maybe in Client's Host Properties?

If not, there could be a bpstart_notify script on the client.
Or, if this is a User-type schedule that is started by a script, in the script itself.

Please tell us which OS on the client, as you will need to test sending email outside of NBU (OS-level).

I can not see client os as its a NDMP. I have no idea where config files. i am new to this project.

i can not see client host propertees.

Is there option in opcenter like when monthend schedule of 3 schedule executed, mail nofification will generate? not for any schedule that runs in policy which i am receiving now.

I did test mail through blat and received email too. i don't know what to do next.

I tried bpstart_notify.policy.sche.bat(bpstart_notify_NAS_UserTerms.Full.bat in master server kept under netbackup\bin.

not triggered any mail. 



I found config files on media servers. Attached here for analasis.

What i observerd is in below line under start_notify script and end_notify as well, is space between email recipents. would it be reason for not triggering mail?

Command started with c:\blat not as simply blat .Why?  and i can see blat.exe in c:\. is this fine?

c:\blat "C:\Backup started for TO_BE_BACKED_UP.txt" -to,,,

and i can see C:\Backup started for TO_BE_BACKED_UP.txt text file also lastly modified on fen 22 exatly when backup executed nad completed.

Script is running somehow as per dates but not generating mail.

1. All of this due to space between Mail recipents?

2. i think i need to add -server q to above line like below

c:\blat "C:\Backup started for TO_BE_BACKED_UP.txt" -to,,, -server q

because when i did test mail with blat without smtp details. i received error like below. i added smtp then mail received.

C:\>blat "C:\testmail.txt" -to
Blat v3.1.1 (build : Feb 27 2013 20:04:55)
64-bit Windows, Full, Unicode

Error: Server refused connection.
Error: Server refused connection.


i received test mail by adding smtp

C:\>blat "C:\testmail.txt" -to -server
Blat v3.1.1 (build : Feb 27 2013 20:04:55)
64-bit Windows, Full, Unicode

Sending C:\testmail.txt to
Subject: Contents of file: testmail.txt
Login name is
Try number 1 of 4.

Please suggest me me what changes i need to do.

delte spaces or add smtp details or both.


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Herewith 2 TNs about blat configuration.

Seems all examples have ' -server <SMTP server> ' option.

Please do not upload any files with .cmd extention. The file cannot be opened online an has to be downloaded first. All AntiVirus software have a problem with executables.
Rather copy files to .txt before uploading.