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One -problem- Network Read Failed (42),Backup fail

Level 3
I have Solaris 8 Netbackup 5.0 MP4. Backups are working fine for all clients EXCEPT- When I configured new policy for new Windows 2003 server the backup is not working. This is what is happening.
Activity monitor -I can see the job then connecting-mounting-begin writing. Then the message in Activity monitor's job overview- (42) Network read failed. In Detail view the messages are- error bptm (pid 2462) - system call failed. Connection reset by peer (at child.c.1177)
error bptm (pid 2462) unable to perform read from client socket connectin may have been broken.
After sometime kill the job. I went to host properties for Master- select Timeout and tweak/play with all the parameter with 0 to 32767 range settings without any change in error messge- no success. Now sometime it works eventhough I see the message. I do not have some third party software that conflict with this. Network duplex settings are fine too. I check this forum and these were two sujjestion I found. PLEASE Help! Thanks in Advance.

Level 6
Upgrade to 5.1 and latest MP
Check Network Nic Cards on servers and switches (speed settings and so on)
Check DNS settings on the servers having errors
Patch WINDERS 2003 server

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James Dunn

Level 6
Is the VSP snapshot erroring?

have a look at the bpbkar log on the server which is erroring. Possible it is trying to create a VSP file and it is timing out....