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Openshift backup using Netbackup and the Netapp trident plugin

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I am useing Netbackup at the moment. I have configured the kubernetes backup (using the webui) to backup  our Openshift cluster. Everything is working fine except the backup of the PVCs. In the backend of openshift we use the Netapp trident plugin. I get the following error in OC: "Failed to find suitable volumesnapshotclass for pvc". I followed the quick start guide .

OpenShift version 4.8.36

Netbackup Primary Server: Windows Server 2019 NBU:

Netbackup Media Server: RedHat 7.9 NBU:

Has anyone configured OC backup using the trident plugin and Netbackup?





Accepted Solutions

I just saw that the feature I need is included in the NBU 10.1.1 Beta version. So I hope the release will bee soon!

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You need to label storageclass and volume snapshot class so that Netbackup Kubernetes Operator can take proper action to create snapshots.

Run "oc get sc" and "oc get volumesnapshotclass" first.

Then follow the sample below.

oc label sc ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd
oc label volumesnapshotclass ocs-storagecluster-rbdplugin-snapclass



thanks. I already did that. I found out that I used the wrong driver in the VSC. Snapshots are working now but the Backup from Snapshot operation fails. I get the following error:

Critical bpbrm (pid=312448) from client 8301709f-0512-4dd3-bc6b-5ca19c6f83eb: FTL - cleanup() failed, status 6

 It looks like the communication to the media server is ok. 

8.10.2022 12:45:50 - Info bpbrm (pid=312448) 8301709f-0512-4dd3-bc6b-5ca19c6f83eb is the host to backup data from
18.10.2022 12:45:50 - Info bpbrm (pid=312448) reading file list for client
18.10.2022 12:46:00 - connecting
18.10.2022 12:46:21 - Info bpbrm (pid=312448) starting bpbkar on client
18.10.2022 12:46:31 - Info bpbkar (pid=1389) Backup started
18.10.2022 12:46:31 - Info bpbrm (pid=312448) bptm pid: 312608
18.10.2022 12:46:31 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) start
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) Encrypting data-in-transit
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) using 1048576 data buffer size
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) using 30 data buffers
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) start backup
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - Info bptm (pid=312608) backup child process is pid 312612
18.10.2022 12:46:32 - begin writing
18.10.2022 12:46:43 - Info nbdelete (pid=13408) deleting expired images. Media Server: xxx Media: @aaaaN
18.10.2022 12:46:43 - requesting resource  @aaaaN
18.10.2022 12:46:44 - Critical bpbrm (pid=312448) from client 8301709f-0512-4dd3-bc6b-5ca19c6f83eb: FTL - cleanup() failed, status 6
18.10.2022 12:46:44 - Error bptm (pid=312608) media manager terminated by parent process

 Any ideas?

I just saw that the feature I need is included in the NBU 10.1.1 Beta version. So I hope the release will bee soon!