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OpsCenter Server AD account change

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I currently am running Veritas NetBackup OpsCenter server 8.0 on Windows 2008R2 with Microsoft AD authentication.  The original configuration was setup by using the procedure outlined in the administrator's guide and there has been no issues, until now.

We need to change our account that connects up our OpsCenter server to Active Directory (both user name and password need to be changed, same domain) and I am not sure how to proceed.  Would I just run through the vssat process again, and will it replace my existing credentials?  Do I need remove the existing credentials first?  I have looked for documentation for the process but I have not had much success.

Any insight or feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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since you need to change the users names also i would say simply remove them and add new users from Opscenter web interface.( you need to login as secuirty administrator inorder to add and remove users)

OpsCenter GUI on the Settings > Users > Users tab  

For further clarification, I am referring to the actual authentication process that OpsCenter utilizes with an Active Directory Domain, not users accounts.

i.e. OpsCenter Administration Guide page 234, Adding AD / LDAP domain in OpsCenter