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OpsCenter Utilization- and Throughput-Report

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we have the problem with our Utilization- and Throughput-Report.

We perform our Backup from two Netapps a 16 Tapedrives. In the time where the Snapshot is created, we can see, that all the Tapedrives are in use. But in the Report displayed, that just four tapedrives used to perform the backup.

I suspect that during the transmission of the directory architecture is not enough data to be transmitted, so that the OpsCenter marks the TapeDrive as unused.

Know my consideration is, if the OpsCenter can only absorb a limited amount of data?

Many thanks in advance.






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What version of OpsCenter are you running?

There have been a few bugs so worth putting on if you can (doesn't matter if your Master is still at

See if that helps - if not raise a case to get it looked into

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Not sure if there is a lag which caused this report not reflecting the actual scenario. I have seen something like duplication was using some tape drives for many hours but OpsCenter report only show a very small percentage of usage throughout that day. Best to log a case with Support.

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Hello together,

I took over this case by my colleague Daniel Be.

The customer has now updated to version, the Problem is the same.

is there may be a possibility that we could previously exclude before i open a case with Support?

Thanks in Advance.


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I recently opened a case with support on this one and other reports. The reports began displaying what I deemed to be incorrect data after I upgraded from to  In my case, I have a D2D2T config with six tape drives. There was a large duplication backlog.  So the tape drives were busy 24/7.  Yet the heat map showed the tape drives as idle for a large percentage of the time.  After a month of back and forth, support told me that it would be fixed in the release of 7.6. I was recently at a Symantec workshop were the PM for OpsCenter was present. I brought it up to him and he acknowledged that some reports are screwy in 7.5. And he's trying to get them modified for the next release.  

Hope this helps.