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OpsCenter alerts: Available Catalog Space below 40 GB(threshold)

Hi All,

NetBackup application installed in C Drive(39 GB free space out of 130 GB) and my catalog backup and image database resides in F frive(had 700 GB free space out of 2 TB).

In OpsCenter i checked configered alertnotificatio, there we gave only master server name(no specific drive inside server) with threshold limit as 40 GB.

Now i am getting catalog space below 40 alerts and i have no clue how to clear this alert. as per alert i can guess its saying about C drive. and i want to ignore this alerts and also want to remove this alert config from OpsCenter. Is this right?.

Also bpbkr logs(c drive) in my master/same server occupying 2 gb daily and occupied 10 gb on full catalog executed time. Can i keep last 7 days logs and delete logs prior to them?. will this helps in fixing this alerts.

will we assign any space for catalog? if yes how to know how much assigned in my envirornment?Please let me know how can i avoid alerts to be generated.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: OpsCenter alerts: Available Catalog Space below 40 GB(threshold)

Is your catalog on the C:\ drive also? From the alert it seems that it is the case and it was raised becayse the C:\ drive has less than 40GB free space left.

My recommendation is first to change the alert to a % free space available. This way you don't have to worry about changing the alert if your catalog drive/partition is changed in future to a much larger drive. This is because 40GB free out of 130GB is very different from 40GB free out of 1TB.

Regarding logs, the recommendation has always been to keep them to minimum logging and remove the directories from the log directory. Enable logging only when troubleshooting an issue.

Removing older logs by only keeping 7 days might clear your alert but it will come back in a few days. You need to 1) setup the alert as per your requirements, 2) setup required logs rentention as per your org's requirement, 3) remove unwanted log directories.


Re: OpsCenter alerts: Available Catalog Space below 40 GB(threshold)


We know from your other post that you some catalog 'stuff' to a new volume. 
We also see in that post that some .f files seem to be missing.

Please help what exactly was moved to another volume, why would some .f be missing and what is still left on the C-drive?
Also curious how images folder is 'linked' to the new location. Using ALTPATH files in client images folder on C-drive?
Or some other method?

If images only, please bear in mind that the rest of NBU catalogs  - NetBackup\db and NetBackupDB will still be located on C-drive.

NetBackup monitors disk space where the EMM database resides (NetBackupDB) closely to prevent corruption of the relational database.

About large log files - please check logging levels. Host Properties -> Master -> Logging.
High logging levels will create very large log files.
Level 3 or higher is only needed when you need to troubleshoot backup or restore issues. Well, you certainly need higher logging levels at the moment to troubleshoot the missing .f files.

Older logs can be safely deleted. You can also reduce the 'Days to keep logs' setting in Master server's Host Properties -> Clean-Up.