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OpsCenter reporting multiple tries/attempts

Level 4

I have an NB7.1 environment and an OpsCenter 7.5 system reporting on it.   I am scheduling a csv daily report for ~400 clients to list Status Code, Policy Type, Policy Name, Client OS, Job Type, Client Name, Job Start Time, Job End Time, and Media Server.

The report will be distributed to invidiuals who are only concerned with the ultimate success or failure of a client in a daily window.  Is there a way to filter out the multiple tries?  The domain is configure for 3 tries in 12 hours, but the multiple attempts appearing the report is too much information for the recipients.


Level 5

This looks to be like a customer issue.. if they are asking for a report of the backup window... opscenter is going to do just that.. you could have it be 2 attempts within a 12hr window.. but that is upto you.. I dont see how this is an OpsCenter issue, as it is reporting everything during the window that it should.