Options to protect MSDP catalog?


I've a new NetBackup environment with a Windows Master server vm - running 7.7.3 and a 5240 Appliance - running 2.7.3.

I'm looking for the best option to protect the MSDP catalog. The policy was auomatically created as part of the Appliance initial config but backs up to the Appliance MSDP as this is the only configued storage unit. Clearly this isn't good and needs changing.

I see my options as:

Configure an adv disk pool on the Appliance and use this to backup the MSDP catalog to. But it will still be on the same physical system. 

Add a new disk to my Master server and backup to this - I can dedicate it for this purpose only and so will probably only need about a 500GB volume for this - but I didn't really want to use the master for any backups if I could help it.

Allow it to continue to backup to the MSDP and use AIR (AIR is configured to another Appliance i have) and if the MSDP catalog fails then I can recover from the last good replicated backup I have.

Are there any better options and\or which from the above would be preferred.

Many thanks

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Re: Options to protect MSDP catalog?

If you have access to a NFS share, create a basic disk storage unit, and backup the msdp catalog to the NFS share/basic disk storage unit. I recommend the basic storage unit because of it ease of use and reduced complexity. Keep it simple where possible :-) 

Backup to the master server also seems as a good idea, using a basic disk storage unit add minimal overhead. Retention on the MSDP catalog would be very low, days instead of weeks/months.


Re: Options to protect MSDP catalog?

Hi Nicolai

Thanks for your thoughts - My preference was actually the MSDP backup and using AIR to both off-site and get a second copy that would be useable in the event of the primary site MSDP catalog failing.

I understand your comments on keeping it simple but I'm kind of thinking that using the existing MSDP and AIR config that I already have is the simpliest approach (because I haven't got to do anything more, like creating new STU's etc). Plus I like the idea of sending it off-site straight away......

As a different way of asking the same question:   Is there any reason why I shouldn't do it this way?

many thanks again.


Re: Options to protect MSDP catalog?

I see no reason for not doing AIR on the MSDP catalog backup. 

One thing you need to be aware of is replication backlog, the time from backup is made to its replicated is where Murphy will strike. 


Re: Options to protect MSDP catalog?

I am with Nicolai. 

My 1st choice would be BasicDisk STU on the master server using NFS share.