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Oracle Backup Flow

Hi all,

I have topology below to perform RAC Oracle backup with script.
Master : (/24)
Media :
- communication : (/26)
- backup : (/26)
Client01 :
- communication : (/24)
- backup : (/24)
Client02 :
- communication : (/24)
- backup : (/24)

The 10.23.96.x is routed to and
The 10.23.98.x is routed to

How is the flow of RAC Oracle backup? Is the topology will work?
Thank you.

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Re: Oracle Backup Flow

Hi @apakah123 

Youre qustion is more a network qustion than Oracle backup. Netbackups reply on the underlying IP connectivity of the OS.

If using multihomed host, you as a Netbackup admin need carefully to know how traffic flow, in order to use the right host names. E.g. dont't specify a "communication" DNS name when you expect traffic flow to use the "backup" nic. Also don't specify to restore data from "communication" DNS name, when backup was made by backup nic.

My advice is testing network path with bptestbpcd and traceroute first, then get file backup working on backup NIC before jumping into Oracle backups.

Not to scare you - but what you are intending doing is straight forward IF you know and understand how a OS does routing and are comfortable with using route and netstat commands. If not, it will be very steep jorney uphill - so team up with a frind :-)



Re: Oracle Backup Flow

I cannot emphasize enough how important what Nicolai just said is!

Traffic to and from the client MUST have the same NIC/NAME.

If I am backing up system-backup and get return IP packets from system - THIS WILL FAIL!

You can set a required NIC within NetBackup on the client, I am backing up Oracle RAC and it is pretty easy (especially if not load balanced)

The client name in the policy, client name in the bp.conf all MUST match and have forward and reverse lookup and traffic between master and client.


NetBackup 8.1.2 on Solaris 11, writing to DataDomain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS
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