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Oracle Licenses


How can I determine if the number of licenses allowed for oracle was exceeded?

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No enforcement.

Netbackup does not enforce the number of license when the initial oracle license has been added. It's up,  to you make sure you are in compliance with the licenses rules.

Besides that it's a pretty manual job. There are no automated tool to do the job. So fire up Excel and start counting ;)

Addition to Nicol, each host

Addition to Nicol, each host backing up using Oracle agent need separate Netbackup license for Oracle.

Example: if you have 10 Servers to backup,which includes 3 Oracle databse and 2 MS Sql database Servers.  For the license, you should have 10 Netbackup client license and 3 Oracle License and 2 MSSql License.

well, it's not that easy

given the fact of number of VMs today. For instance, if 5 Oracles and 5 MSSQLs are running  on the same VMWare/Hyper-V box they would require only once license in case of NBU 7.0.

it's licensed by the number

it's licensed by the number of hosts (physical or virtual) you install the agent on. So if you install the aoracle gent on a VM, it counts, you obviously need the client too.

If you have 5 oracle db instances on the same host, you are using the same agent so only the one agent license is required.