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Oracle RMAN backup

Hello All,

We backup Oracle RMAN backups via scripts in NBU 8.0. Recently someone mentioned that the best way to backup would be use a RMAN catalog instead of scripts. We have been using scripts for RMAN backups in NBU for as long as I can remember. Can someone please explain what is catalog based backup (is it the intelligent policy). Will there be a benefit to move away from scripts to catalog based and how big of an effort is the change typically.

NBU 8.0 on Windows

Unix Oracle.

Thank you

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Re: Oracle RMAN backup

The recovery catalog contains metadata about RMAN operations for each registered target database. When RMAN is connected to a recovery catalog, RMAN obtains its metadata exclusively from the catalog.

Your question should be to DBA rather than Backup Admin about how to manage RMAN script & RMAN Catalog.

NetBackup intermediate to perform the RMAN backups, NetBackup has is its own Catalog & stores information about the Backup that is triggered by RMAN script or intelligence policy. NetBackup retains the backup as defined in the script by using NetBackup policy schedule. RMAN defines & executes the backup of Oracle DB and NetBackup writes the backup. RMAN cannot manage retention (or expiration) or storage of the backup, that's done by Netbackup.


Re: Oracle RMAN backup

@Tape_Archived Thank you for your reply. We backup Oracle using scripts, I'm familiar with this method.However  I'm curious if the catalog method is possible with NetBackup and if so what are benefits over script based, if any. If there's any Netbackup article,appreciate if you can please share the link.


Thank You.


Re: Oracle RMAN backup

I think there is a confusion here.

When performing RMAN based backups  (either via scripts, OIP or manual), the meta data can either be stored in the database control file (bad if everything is gone) or in a RMAN catalog. A rman catalog is a seperate database (on a seperate host if possible) contaning the information of what backup has been made.

Best regards



Re: Oracle RMAN backup

As said, some confusion exists. In your script there is a connect statement. It would say something like

connect target /
connect target / catalog someone@somewhere
connect target / nocatlog

The first uses the control file as the place to record information about all backups. The second one will use another (catalog) database for storing information about all backups (this is what you are referring to) and finally the third one will use the control file only (the first one will use control file and by default replicate the info to another ( catalog ) database if one exists and rman knows about it.

So the only thing you really need to do is ask the dba what the name and credentials are for the catalog database and modify your script. No further changes.

Re: Oracle RMAN backup


I have heard of stored scripts within the RMAN catalog. 
One of the advantages is that no passwords need to be stored in plain text in 'regular scripts'.
This URL explains about creating stored scripts: 

I cannot see from this URL how these scripts are automated or scheduled. 
Can your dba tell us? 

Re: Oracle RMAN backup