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Oracle VM Server for SPARC vHBA and NetBackup Lan-Free-Backup

Dear Expert,

     I have some technical question about Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Netbackup Lan-Free-Backup (SAN Backup) can support live mirgation or not?

     As I read article from Oracle, Solaris 11.3 have feature vHBA to support LDOM can direct access to LUN in the stroage and advantage is that it can still be live migrate.

     If I have implement LDOM with vHBA and need Netbackup Lan-Free-Backup for Backup data from LDOM, when CDOM#1 broken and LDOM automatic live migrate to another CDOM#2 Netbackup will be still working or not?

     As I understanding the limitation of Netbackup Lan-Free-Backup is should not change  wwn when LDOM live migrate to other CDOM.

     Please kindly advise and thanks in advances.

Best Regards,

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Re: Oracle VM Server for SPARC vHBA and NetBackup Lan-Free-Backup


I think that's a type of question where you will have quicker answer when you test it yourself.

I guess it won't work, however I would not call it "limitation of NetBackup Lan Free Backup", rather general feature of SAN data flow.

On the other hand, how often do you think that backup and live migration will happen at the same time?