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Overhead created by true image with move detection


We are considering implementing synthetic backups on a Red Had machine with a 5TB GPFS mount point containing millions of small files. As the backups are quite large, "normal" Full backups will cause the machine to consume of 95% of memory and the bpkar process is killed.

I am wondering what sort of overhead True Image restore with move detection will be used on backups in terms of space used, compute and memory on the host.

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Re: Overhead created by true image with move detection

bpbkar is also being used for synthetics backups. My recommendation is investigating why bpbkar get killed, consider to open a support ticket with Veritas.

"Collect True Image Restore Information With Move Detection" is mandatory when using synthecics backups

Be aware that at least 2 full backups must reside on disk before being moved to tape. Else generation of new full backup might be reading data off tape.