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Overwrite option on Netbackup


someone knows how Netbackup performs the validation of the existing file, when the option of overwrite is selected, it only validates the existence of the file or does the validation of the size. The restore is on a Windows Client.

someone knows about a technical note where it is explained.


Thanks !

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Re: Overwrite option on Netbackup


it validates existence of the file. AFAIK there is no KB about it.

Do you have some use case where a file size check would be beneficial? 




Re: Overwrite option on Netbackup

I am a bit confused - you mention ' validation of the existing file, when the option of overwrite is selected,' 

Can you please explain a bit more?
Are you referring to 'Verify' option?
If so, there is no 'overwrite' option when you Verify existing backup images.

Verify simply reads the backup image on backup media (disk or tape) and compares it with the image info in the catalogs. 

How it works is documented in NetBackup Admin Guide I.
See this extract from online manual:

Verifying backup images

NetBackup can verify the contents of a backup by reading the volume and comparing its contents to what is recorded in the NetBackup catalog.

This operation does not compare the data on the volume to the contents of the client disk. However, the operation does read each block in the image to verify that the volume is readable. (However, data corruption within a block is possible.) NetBackup verifies only one backup at a time and tries to minimize media mounts and positioning time.


Re: Overwrite option on Netbackup

If we assume you are talking about the restore option to overwrite existing files, it doesn't make sense to check anything but path and name. If the file has been corrupted or inadvertantly updated, nothing else about the file other than the name would match.