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I get more frustrated everyday! When I call Symantec support and ask for a simple solution....I am always told to "run this cmd".

Netbackup is suppossed to be the industry leader in backup I am told. My company has spent over $500K on the netbackup software.....I can just imagine how much other compaines have spent.

Here is 1 small example..... We are planning on moving our datacenter around and need to move alot of servers from this rack to that rack. Some of the servers include the netbackup servers(master & medias). Due to synthetic backups and MSDP(kudos for that)...all backups are done but the duplications to tape are still running. I have 10 duplications pending to run and they will not finish by the time we need to bring down the servers.

WHY can I not just right click and hold or suspend these duplications? I am sure it would not take to much to program that into the the gui. NO I have to run some cmd that takes me 30 minutes to gather all of the information I need. Then another 30 minutes to write the cmd to release the duplications.

I am sure I could come up with atleast 5 examples of where GUI improvements would make everyone's life's better. I understand that in 7.6 there are suppossed to be ALOT of improvements in SLP's and what can be done. I have been asking for these "improvements" for 3yrs now.

Like I company has spent ALOT of money to purchase....and for support for this product. You would think it would not take too much to program in these improvements.

Maybe if more of us let Symantec know how we feel....they might do something!




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hi Bmitche,

may be adding a ideas on GUI enhancemnts would help to consider this in better way...

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You have not described things in detail here, but couldn´t you just mark the SLP´s as inactive (can be done from the GUI), and then cancel all running SLP jobs. Then when everything is back up, re-activate the SLP´s and NBU will reschedule jobs not complete...