Pagefile and VSP

Our pagefile.sys is rather large and we plan to exclude it from backup. Is this a bad idea? What would be the drawback doing this?

WIll turning off VSP comprise our data consistency during recovery? What can be other drawback? If someone can provide some details about VSP, that would be great.

Can VSP configure to point to a different volumn for snapshot creation?

Doc read: 263784, 275975.
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Re: Pagefile and VSP

The pagefile is excluded from backup by default with no intervention needed. Turning off VSP will not compromise data consistency during recovery unless you are trying to use it to recover a live database which you shouldn't be doing anyway. If you disable VSP however, you will not back up any open files and if there are open files that you need recovered that could be a big problem. VSP can be configured to point to a specific volume for snapshot creation but it must be on the same server that is being backed up. For example, you have c,d,e, and f and f drive has the most free space you can specify that VSP will use the f drive for snapshots. The only problem with this is that the backup of the f drive will be slower because that is where the snapshot is. Normally the snap is moved to different drives than the one that is backed up.