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Partial success backup almost daily

Level 3
Keep getting partial success backup for some application folder on file level backup.

The problematic files is randomised and not always the same file causing the partial success.

Is there a better way to have a successful backup besides excluding those problematic files from backup?

Please share detailled status first

Getting error code 1 for the partial success file level backup.

Level 5

As Hamza mentioned, you need to provide more details.
Copy the details' status of one of the job for this workload and share it here.
what sort of files are showing you as problematic (not getting backedup)are those files important , if yes, you need to dig and found out the reason and fix it (for example files are being used by another process, which you need to stop it).
if those files are not important, then ignore the partial success message (it is showing you partial because of those files not being backed up).

Are those windows event logs that is causing the issue. Getting Win32 unknown error.

Is intermittent. At times, able to backup those event logs.

Level 5

if you do not need them, ignore them (add them to exception list).if you need them, you need to find out what is the process that stopping NetBackup from accessing those files at backup time.