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Partner 5330 Appliance Survey


We ask our NetBackup partners to participate in a survey project because of your knowledge and experience with the NetBackup 5330 appliance running v.2.6.1 and beyond. 

The survey is a cooperative effort between the Appliance Development Engineering team and the Experience Design team.
Our goals are to:
·       measure the effectiveness of current user experience programs
·       drive product improvements in the future
·       explore the predictive value of early feedback from internal field engineers and partners in relation to traditional corporate marketing surveys
Your responses will be kept anonymous and aggregated for reporting purposes, however, you will have the opportunity to provide your contact information for the purpose of receiving survey results and findings, should you want them.
The survey link is not unique, so please feel free to share it with any of your collegues that you know who have experience with the NetBackup 5330 appliance running v.2.6.1 and beyond.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Katy Mullally at
Thank you for your time and feedback!


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Thanks Riaan. To everyone,

Thanks Riaan.

To everyone, please try to take the survey. It is the opportunity to weigh in on our decision making..



What's my reward for being

What's my reward for being first :cattongue:


My old virtual appliance needs updating, hint hint....