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Permissions to Call Netbackup Schedule from bpbackup.exe tool

Level 4

I was testing calling Netbackup schedules via the bpbackup.exe tool. I noticed that on a system with the agent installed I could call a scheduled assigned to that system from:

  • The local SYSTEM account
  • Any admin user on the system (Domain or local user)

Is this expected and if so is this configurable ?


Level 6
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It is by design for bpbackup to begin a user backup from a client. (I assume that you run the command without -i).
Netbackup is checking only if there is a user backup schedule (the red ones) for this client and if the backup window is open.

I suspect that you can change the permissions of the bpbackup binary and deny access to everyone, but I have not tested it.

I'm running this command:

bpbackup -i -w -p MYPOLICYNAME -s MSWIN-Daily-Incr -t 13

Level 6
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so the system is a media server.
the -i can be run only from systems that are in the server list of the master server.  -i is equivalent of running a manual backup from the netbackup GUI.
Again the behavior is by design.  I think that it is in the "roadmap" to enable netbackup login for cli command on the media servers. At this time it is implemented only on the master server.

Try to change the bpbackup.exe user permissions