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Personal Folders recovering Corrupted. Flash Backup Windows

Hi, we have recently been trying to restore a few PST files for a user. Upon restoring the files we are finding that the files restoerd are not accessible. when we try to attach the file to outlook we get an error

"The file xxx.pst is not a personal folders file"


the user has 8 PST files on her shared drive from which 5 are not longer accessible. the rest she is working okay with. now each time i have recovered the files i have had the above error. the funny thing is the ones that she uses now are even restored corrupted.


our setup is.


Windows 2003 Std netbackup

Client Windows 2003 Std

Files backedup using Flash backup Windows.


Any ideas what might be going wrong here?





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based on internet search

There are Windows tools to fix this; this is not a NetBackup problem.