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Phantom disk stageing unit error

Level 3
Hi Guys

were running NBU 6.5.1 (recently upgraded) on solairs
we used to have a disk stageing unit  which was on a filesystem /u1
the disk stageing unit was reconfigued to  a new filesystem /u3

we are getting an error  reported by one client in a policy of ttwo complaining that it cant access the /u1 stageing unit
which actually no longer exitst..

I have tried deleting the disk stageing unit and recreating it on  /u3 to ensure that no informaton is being cached  and netbackup has been stopped an restarted...

errors are logged yet the backups apear to be completing successfully

atttached log file from the backup run

this error is from our disk to tape stage, so it  will contain images from when the storage unit was /u1
woudl that be causing it to report errors ???


Mark W

Phantom /u1 error


2/06/2008 15:48:36 - begin Duplicate

02/06/2008 15:48:40 - started process bptm (pid=8966)

02/06/2008 15:48:37 - requesting resource master_storage_tape_pref_lto1

02/06/2008 15:48:39 - granted resource  001235

02/06/2008 15:48:39 - granted resource  LTO1_Drive07

02/06/2008 15:48:39 - granted resource  master_LTO1_tape

02/06/2008 15:48:43 - started process bpdm (pid=9002)

02/06/2008 15:48:43 - Critical bpdm (pid=9002) sts_get_lsu_prop_byname on LSU /u1/netbackup_storage_unit_disk failed: 2060013 no more entries

02/06/2008 15:48:43 - Critical bpdm (pid=9002) Invalid storage device: /u1/netbackup_storage_unit_disk no more entries

02/06/2008 15:48:43 - Critical bpdm (pid=9002) failure to open disk at path /u1/netbackup_storage_unit_disk: plug-in reports error 2060013

02/06/2008 15:48:44 - started process bptm (pid=8966)

02/06/2008 15:48:44 - mounting 001235

02/06/2008 15:54:23 - Error bptm (pid=8966) ioctl (MTFSF) failed on media id 001235, drive index 23, I/O error (bptm.c.7130)

02/06/2008 15:54:23 - Error bpduplicate (pid=8930) host netbackup-master backup id dmz-mm2_1201094905 read failed, media open error (83).

02/06/2008 15:54:23 - Error bpduplicate (pid=8930) host netbackup-master backupid