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Please tell me how to change the tape media label.

Level 3

When you access the NetBackup Management Console, you can check the volume pool created with the name “Simpana” among the media volume pools. This volume pool contains tape media used by Simpana, and I would like to make this tape media available to NetBackup. How should I work? I heard from people around me that all you need to do is label it. yes? Please tell me the detailed method. please.

It would be helpful to understand if you right click on the media and select label and attach a picture.

Or is there a video I can refer to?


Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

open java and go to

host properties -> media server
select all media servers and right click -> properties

go to media setting and enable all "allow media override"  except tar.  Tar is the netbackup format and you do not want to override netbackup tapes.


then, you can use the tapes as usual


If I want to use tape, shouldn't I switch to scratch pool?

Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

treat the tapes as new.
if you move your new tapes to scratch pool, do it for old Simpana tapes.

To add to my previous  post, as I do not know what format  Simpana use, if my instractios are not working you have to label the tapes. just post and I will help you