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Post restore script - Hyper-V VM restore

Level 4

Hello @all ,

I am looking for a post restore script to be called after a VM is restored in Hyper-V.

Netbackup version I am using is v10.0.0.1

Appliance 5250 acting as Master & Media

I am facing issues while I restore a VM in Hyper-V, it doesnt gets registered under cluster, so I am looking for options to call a script post the restore is done so that it runs some powershell commands and adds it to cluster. Any help will be much appreciated.



Level 6

Hi @dipendra 

Have a look at the restore_notify script and see if that may do what you want. 

TBH, I've not come across this type of request before and didn't realise a script template is provided (you will find it in the goodies folder /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies). The script partly describes its use and together with the NetBackup Admin Guide volume II, should give you a starting point. The script runs on the media server that contains the storage unit used.

From a quick read, it doesn't look like you can restrict (like bpstart_notify can be restricted by policy & scehdule name) when it runs, so it will run on each restore (so some additional logic may be required). Also note that this script has no way of knowing if the actual restore operation was successful...only that it was attempted. 

I'd be curious to see if this script can help do what you need - can you report back on your progress?


Hi @dipendra 

Going back to the original issue - are you seeing any logs that might indicate the reason the machine is failing to register - they could be either on the hyper-V server or the appliance? Have you also reviewed the troubleshooting section of the Hyper-V Admin guide to see if there might be something related there?