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Present VM LUNS to the Media Server

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Hello Abdul,

Thanks for the article.

Our situation:
In the implementation of Symantec Netbackup in 2 sites ( less than 1KM)

We are running into issues with in the Virtualization - VMWARE - Backups of VMs

I have many LUNS presented to the VMWARE production

Using the Windows host: As per the Symantec tech support, we have to present those LUNS to the Media Server - which is very risky even if the set the Group Policy for SAN LUNS as recommended by Ahmed Atef Khalil

Now I read your post, that we can have SLES do the same job avoiding the risks.

I need more information/Documentation about using SLES that I can share it with our teams and that can be used safely.

Please can you provide the links or the documents that are officially supported using SLES.

Basheer A. Ahmed


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I don't understand what is 'risky' about presenting luns to Windows media server?

As long as you perform this step under 'Critical Note' in the article you are referring to, I cannot see what is 'risky' :


Before the Zone with the Data Store is made make sure that automount is disabled and Scrubed on your media server

This can be done using diskpart then (automount disable) , (automount scrub)


Support for SLES and RHEL backup hosts is documented in Statement of Support for NetBackup 7.x in a Virtual Environment: 
See:  Supported platforms for the VMware backup host and backup media server 

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Thanks Marianne. I don't understand what is 'risky' about presenting luns to Windows media server? To understand the risks, please read the replies for this post above by: Jim-90 bijucyborg stuartgreen