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Problem BMR Restoring Windows 2000 (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE)

Level 6

New to BMR, experienced with NBU.


Trying to BMR Restore a Windows 2000 system to dissimilar hardware (NBU env: 6.5.2A)

Was able to take BMR backup successfully.

Able to create new configuration to restore from (and load the driver package for the drive controller).


Restore processes normally it seems but, of course, Windows2000 complains about the boot device.


Attempted restoring back onto the original hardware and got the same message but was able to work around it using 'Last Known Good Config'; unfortunately that doesn't work on the new hardware.


Any ideas or suggestions?


Level 5

Hi David?

Some more details could help.

1. When exactly is this error coming up? Before the data restore starts? after data restore is completed or after the machine reboots post restore?

2. Specifics of the error message or is the machine simply not booting as if it is unable to find even the MBR?


Level 6


1. On first boot of the new hardware after the restore has applied all the files, etc and before the Restore 'Finalizes'.  Ie: the first time Windows 2000 boots.

2. As listed in the thread title:  INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE  (the usual STOP message Windows 2000 gets if you migrate an install onto different hardware (IDE/disk controller changes)).

Level 5

Sorry :( cant think of anything from my BMR usage experience.

Just one thought, is the NBU in your SRT too at 6.5.2A?

If not, may be you could give that a try.


Sorry, couldnt be of more help.


Level 6

Thanks for the input.  I believe the problem has been resolved.


I had not noticed 1 tiny thing: the original source backup returned a Status Code 1 instead of a 0.

After another attempt at the backup, I got a 0.

Then attempted the restore again and it succeeded.


Lesson learned.