Problem importing AIX tapes

I'm trying to import tapes created on AIX 5.2 running NBU 5.1 Phase 1 works; phase 2 gets failed media read errors. I can read tapes created on Windows and Solaris boxes so I know the standalone SDLT drive is working. Is there something special about how AIX writes to a tape that we need to account for? We've tried multiple tapes with the same results.

Here's the errors from the BPTM log:

09:47:15.469 <4> read_backup: begin reading backup id lngh42_1116893203 (import), copy 2, fragment 1 from media id E00509 on drive index 0
09:47:15.469 <2> read_data: last_frag = 0, opt_bytes_left = 0, tape_Kbytes_left = 0, opt_remainder = 0
09:47:15.469 <2> get_tape_position_for_read: absolute block position prior to reading is 5
09:47:15.469 <2> set_job_details: Done
09:47:15.469 <2> read_data: ReadFile returned FALSE, More data is available. (234);bytes = 122880
09:47:15.469 <2> is_possible_recoverable_error: not attempting error recovery, errno = 234
09:47:15.469 <2> set_job_details: Done
09:47:15.469 <2> logconnections: BPDBM CONNECT FROM TO
09:47:16.224 <16> read_data: cannot read image from media id E00509, drive index 0, err = 234
09:47:16.224 <2> log_media_error: successfully wrote to error file - 08/31/05 09:47:16 E00509 0 READ_ERROR
09:47:16.224 <2> notify: executing - C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\restore_notify.cmd bptm lngh42_1116893203 import
09:47:16.486 <2> check_error_history: called from bptm line 11579, EXIT_Status = 85
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Re: Problem importing AIX tapes

Run the following command and post the ouput here

run "lsdev -Cc tape"
It will list you all the tape drives installed. Example,
rmt0 Available xxxxxxxxx SCSI 4mm Tape Drive
rmt1 Available xxxxxxxxx other SCSI device
On the example above, SDLT is the rmt1 device

run " mt -f /dev/rmt1 stat"

run "lscfg -vl rmt1"


Re: Problem importing AIX tapes

Here's the info from 1 of the drives:

# lscfg -vl rmt1
rmt1 U0.1-P2-I6/Q1-W100000E002023EDC-L0 Other FC SCSI Tape Drive

Machine Type and Model......SuperDLT1
Serial Number...............
Device Specific.(Z3)........A150

# mt -f /dev/rmt1 stat
rmt1 Available 11-08-01 Other FC SCSI Tape Drive
attribute value description user_settable

block_size 0 BLOCK size (0=variable length) True
delay 45 Set delay after a FAILED command True
density_set_1 0 DENSITY setting #1 True
density_set_2 0 DENSITY setting #2 True
extfm yes Use EXTENDED file marks True
location Location Label True
lun_id 0x0 Logical Unit Number ID False
mode yes Use DEVICE BUFFERS during writes True
node_name 0x100000e002023ec6 FC Node Name False
res_support no RESERVE/RELEASE support True
ret_error no RETURN error on tape change or reset True
rwtimeout 144 Set timeout for the READ or WRITE command True
scsi_id 0x641c13 SCSI ID False
var_block_size 0 BLOCK SIZE for variable length support True
ww_name 0x100000e002023edc FC World Wide Name False

Re: Problem importing AIX tapes

Are you sure your backup was done on variable block size tapes?

Re: Problem importing AIX tapes


Check the block size written to the media and fix the tape drive block size value same as the media tape. you can change the tape drive block size by using the "chdev -l rmt1 -a block_size=128"


Re: Problem importing AIX tapes

Per TechSupport, the problem is with Windows. The default SCSI port only supports 64K blocks; AIX writes 128K blocks.