Problem on Linux SAN media server

last year we had problems with SAN media server on RedHat 5. Version of NetBackup was 6.5.4, library SL8500, ACSLS version 7.
The problem happened if there was a failed tape in the library, which caused disconnecting of SAN storage and system crash.
RedHat support says that the failed tape caused hanging of scsi_id process. The multipathd process then interpreted the path as dead and disconnected the path. There was also involved acsd daemon in the problem.
(There are 4 paths to the storage and the tape is only on one of them, though all paths to the storage were disconnected).
We met this problem repeatedly, so we decommisioned this media servers.

Met someone else the same problem?
I would like to ask if this is a known problem and if it is solved with latest versions of NetBackup and ACSLS, since we again need to use SAN media server on some RedHat clients.

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I can honestly say Ive never

I can honestly say Ive never heard of this issue, but I recommend upgrading to

Doesn't sound like anything

Doesn't sound like anything to do with NBU to be honest. 1. If the tape gets stuck, that's a mechanical issue. 2. If the SAN storage disconnects, that's an issue with the SAN 3. If the system then crashes, that's an issue with the OS not being able to cope with the situation acsd will be seeen - it a robotic daemon, but I can't see any possible way to pin the blame on it. Martin

We are in the process of

We are in the process of upgrage NB and also ACSLS, all on Solaris 10, but I need to know, if it is a good idea to use media servers on RedHat. We are also thinking about a SAN client, which does not need to see tape drives.


Media servers om Linux are

Media servers om Linux are perfectly fine - using them at lots of our clients. No issues.

Just double-check that Disk and Tape are zoned to different hba's.
Qlogic hba's seem to be a good choice for tape.


This could be reason of our

This could be reason of our problems - we had both disks and tapes zoned to the same HBA.

We NEVER see any of the kind

We NEVER see any of the kind of issues you are describing at any of our customers - all following industry recommendations to zone tape and disk to different hba's. 


Many thanks to you. And what

Many thanks to you. And what is by your opinion better solution, SAN client or SAN media server? The client is Oracle RAC on HP DL380. Other media servers we have on Solaris T3 and T4 servers so I think they are dimensed enough to serve SAN clients.

  Please see the following


Please see the following article for difference between the SAN Media Server and SAN Client features.