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Problem restoring Oracle DB from tape

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I have a problem restoring an Oracle DB from tape.

I restore crontrol file is ok, but restore datafile error 

RMAN > list backup ;  --> status : AVAILABLE  all file 

please help me  l'am beginer for oracle

thank you.

Screen Shot 2561-07-06 at 18.38.52.pngScreen Shot 2561-07-06 at 18.41.00.pngScreen Shot 2561-07-06 at 18.41.52.pngScreen Shot 2561-07-06 at 18.34.15.png 




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If I look at your screenshots, it seems that you specified a Daily backup policy for the control file restore, but then specified a Monthly policy for the database restore. 

When did the last successful Monthly backup run?
And why do you want to restore from different backup sets?
Why even specify a policy for the restore?

In the last screenshot, we see backed-up datafiles for a Daily backup.

Please try again without the policy name.

Please try to post text output rather than screenshots?
It just makes it easier for us to copy&paste when we want to point out where the mistake might be.

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You also use the bplist command to verify files are in place. The command is a bit picky with it arguments but command below shoudl work. Remember to be root if you run the bplist command on the oracle host itself.


bplist -B -C -R -l -t 4 -s 01/01/2015 /

-s is the start date

-C oracle host 


When did the last successful Monthly backup run?

-Monthly backup run successful on 01/07/2018

different backup sets?

-Sorry, the picture restores control file and picture restores datafile incorrectly.
I use the same policy restore control and datafile but still the same error.

-Why even specify a policy for the restore?

I do not specify the policy, but the same error.

and I try to test that the problem is not at policy MONTHLY.

thank you.

bplist commandbplist command

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some points:

- your RMAN list command above shows that only some datafiles were backed up (file numbers 3,8,11, etc., ). But maybe it is only one part of the whole backup (one stream). RMAN logs for original backups would be very useful if you have any. If it was Intelligent Oracle policy, it is contained in parent backup job. If it was not, it could be on Oracle client in NetBackup Log directories

- as above stated do not specify Policy in RMAN unless you want to restore a certain older backup

- bplist command is not very useful for this situation because it does not show backup content from Oracle point of view

- consult an Oracle DBA if you have any. Oracle restore scenarios are one of the most complex



  1. Please list out the datafiles/handles that you need to get this database restore
  2. Run bplist and ensure that datafiles mataches with the output of bplist - bplist -B -C ServerName -S master -t 4 -k BkpPolicyName -keyword DBName -s BkpStartTime -e BkpEndTime -R -l -u /
  3. Run bpimaglist with same client, policy, keyword, start and end time and you will get the backup image details - bpimagelist -client ServerName -policy BkpPolicyName -keyword DBName -d BkpStartTime -e BkpEndTime -U
  4. Note - DBName is now DBName_DBID (from Netbackup 7.7.3) so in this case it will be like - EDDB3P_980467493
  5. This is make sure you have all the backup to restore the database, if you have backup then issue could be how you trying to restore the database in that case you have consult with DBA