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Problem to restore non-english file names

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Hi dear all,

Files with non-englsih filenames are messed up after restore! standard policy from linux client and linux master server. overally is it possible to backup files with utf-8 characters in file name?



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I have been searching this forum and Veritas knowledge base - the only similar issue I found was with NBU 6.5 to browse and select folders with non-English characters.

Other than logging a Support call with Veritas, you may want to look at the suggestions in the TN. 
Ensure that environment variables on Clients and Servers are set for en_US.UTF-8.

If you decide to log a Support call, please check that logging is enabled. 
At a minimum, you will probably be asked for level 5 tar log on the client.
Other possible relevant logs:
bprd and bpdbm on the master
bptm and bpbrm on media server. 

Level 6

Are you restoring with the bprestore command or from the BAR window in the NetBackup admin console? Are the filenames good when you browse the backup in the GUI? Are you renaming or redirecting them in the restore? What language are the filenames in?

Is it correct that you are on NetBackup 7.7?

All these questions because we expect it to work.

I restored with the GUI and when I browse files, names are correct. I just change destination of parent folder when I am trying to resotre. filenames are in Farsi,  Netbackup Master and media server server is 7.7.2 on linux and client is 7.5 linux.  Thanks

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@shahriar_sadm wrote:

........ client is 7.5 linux.  

Do you mean the Linux client is on NBU 7.5? 

If so, PLEASE upgrade this client!

Your job details should contain lines of the form, "renaming X to Y" to reflect that you are redirecting the restored files to another folder. If "X" is good but "Y" is garbled, then I would suspect the rename file that the GUI generates for you.

I find Farsi difficult in my editors and the NetBackup logs because it's right-to-left. Also, if my editor interprets the utf-8 bytes as individual ASCII characters, some of those characters may be control characters. You may find better information by reading the rename file in an editor that can display the characters correctly.

Look in the tar log on the client for the name of the rename file. Interpret for us what you find.

Please create a test file that you can restore without redirection. Delete the file before restoring it so that NetBackup has to create it without overwriting it. Please do upgrade as soon as you can. I don't recall a problem in this area with NetBackup 7.5, but I mostly do Windows and at 7.5 I mostly used the Windows BAR app.