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Problem with Exchange DAG GRT Restore

Hello to all,

1 month ago the Backup and Restore of my Exchange DAG Configuration runs without problems.

Now the Configuration has changed, an additional Mailbox-Server was append and Restores failed with

"the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)"  (Parent Process -)


MS-Exchange-Server policy restore error(2810) (Child Process)

But the Email was restored.

The configuration of the DAG is as followed:

logical DAG > exdag1

Mailbox Server > exmb1 exmb2 exmb3 exmb4 ( 3 physical and 1 virtual (additional, because the witness don't work with an odd number of Mailboxservers))

logical CAS > excas2010

Hub/CAS Server > excas1 excas2

For testing, the peername-configuration was disabled and a No.Restrictions file was created.

Name Resolution on all hosts and in all directions works sucessfully.

How should configured the entries under Master Server Properties "Distributed Application Restore Mapping"?

I'm pleased about any Hints.

Thanks and Greetz from Germany





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GRT restore


Make sure that the netbackup client service and the netbackup legacy network service is running in a exchange admin account that is a member of domain admin and the Organisations Management Group on the dag server and the CAS server.

For the Distributed Application Restore Mapping settings I would put in the DAG name and configure one line for each node in the exchange DAG environment. i.1 1st entry : exdag1 > excas2010 2nd : exdag1 > excas1 etc....

Create following log files for troubleshooting,

on DAG server
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\beds\
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\bpcd
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\bpresolver

on CAS server
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\beds
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\bpcd
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\nbfsd
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\ncfgre
<install dir>\netbackup\logs\nfclbc

If it fails with permissions errors, try for testing purposes to run the netbackup client and netbackup legacy network service in the same account that you are trying to restore the mailbox too.

I hope this helps.



Hi Oddy, thanks for anwser,

Hi Oddy,

thanks for anwser, NFS and login accounts for Client/Legacy Network services are set on all Exchange members.

The Log-File directories are created with the makelog.bat.

Should I also create entries in Distributed Application Restore Mapping for:?

excas2010 > excas1

excas2010 > excas2

I check the log Files for failures now.




Hello Oddy, we have the same problem with a client. Can you solve it?. I you do, how?