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Problem with Java GUI on SLES10 NBU 6.5.4 Client

Level 3
Hello everyone

I have a problem using the Java GUI (jbpSA and jnbSA) when it's beiting launched on our SLES10 NBU clients and the exported to our office PCs running Exceed under Windows Vista.
These are the steps I take:
- Start up Hummingbird Exceed
- Connect via ssh (using SecureCRT with X11 forwarding) the the NBu client machine (SLES10)
- Start up jbpSA (or jnbSA) as a normal user
- Login to the console using my credentials far so good...
- I then try the get the list of backups (by clicking the "Use backup history to set date range"-button) and all I get is a madly flickering grey (X)window without any content that jumps around and isn't usable in any way
This seems to happen every time when there is a new window created on top of the general one; everthing else works fine (including menus).

I then tried several things to find a culprit:
- set the DISPLAY variable directly to the PC (instead of using the SSH-X11-forwording): same problem
- did the same procedure with a Solaris9 NBU 6.5.4 client and running jbpSA: no problems there
- connected from a Solaris9 workstattion to the SLES10 client and running jbpSA (this time using the standard X11Server on Solaris): no problems there (either through SSH-X11-forwarding or direct)

So the problem seems to be IMHO somewhere between Exceed and the SLES10 (or Linux per se) version of NBU 6.5.4. Java GUI.

Any ideas, tips, tests that I can try?

Kind regards