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Problem with Library HP (storagetek) SureStore 10/180

Level 4

my problem is, i have install our library. In device Manager i can see the robot and the tape correctly installed. The driver i used are from the "HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools". In Netbackup (based on Windows Server 2003 eng enterprise sp2) 6.5.4 i could install the storage too and i'm able to make a robot inventory successful. But if i start the vault with duplicate, i'll get the following in the detailed status of duplicate:

10.11.2009 13:06:34 - begin Duplicate
10.11.2009 13:06:35 - requesting resource tsbackup02-hcart3-robot-tld-0
10.11.2009 13:06:36 - granted resource 000007
10.11.2009 13:06:36 - granted resource HP.ULTRIUM3-SCSI.000
10.11.2009 13:06:36 - granted resource tsbackup02-hcart3-robot-tld-0
10.11.2009 13:06:39 - started process bptm (7352)
10.11.2009 13:06:42 - started process bpdm (4532)
10.11.2009 13:06:43 - begin reading
10.11.2009 13:06:44 - started process bptm (7352)
10.11.2009 13:06:44 - mounting 000007
10.11.2009 13:07:25 - Error bptm(pid=7352) incorrect media found in drive index 0, expected 000007, found 0007L2, FREEZING 000007
10.11.2009 13:07:25 - current media 000007 complete, requesting next resource Any
10.11.2009 13:07:55 - granted resource 000009
10.11.2009 13:07:55 - granted resource HP.ULTRIUM3-SCSI.000
10.11.2009 13:07:55 - granted resource tsbackup02-hcart3-robot-tld-0
10.11.2009 13:07:57 - started process bptm (7352)
10.11.2009 13:07:57 - mounting 000009
10.11.2009 13:07:58 - Error bpduplicate(pid=7084) Duplicate of backupid dsexc120_1257685200 failed, termination requested by administrator (150).  
10.11.2009 13:07:58 - Error bpduplicate(pid=7084) Status = no images were successfully processed.     
10.11.2009 13:07:58 - end Duplicate; elapsed time: 00:01:24
no images were successfully processed(191)

The tapes are identified as "000007" but the right barcode is 0007L2. Whats wrong heer?
Do anybody know?


Level 6
1) Check how your library is physically reading the barcodes - could be it's only reading the first 6 digits (this is how we have had our libraries set up)

2) Look at barcode rules/media id generation - if the library is reading all the barcode, you can set this to create media ids from the first six, last six or whatever combination suits.

Original post duplication

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Andy is right, our newer MSL8096 has config right in the library for this so no need to config rules.

Here is the config from the web based RMI for the MSL


Also remember to disable your RSM service on the Windows Server, this will cause you no end of problems with inventory also.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

relabeling is needed.
Mounting was failed because Media ID does not match with that recorded in media header.
Current media-id generation rule seems correct picks identical part of barcode, but media id on media header that was written in previous use is not correct.

 Here are 2 option:

* relabel volumes. Once you relabels, data on media become lost.
  If you relabel on GUI, don't forget to set "Verify ~" checkbox off.

* once delete volumes, change media-id generation rule as to NB picks last 6 barcode characters as media id.
  This rule is not correct one in general, but if you want to keep data, you have to configure madia with same media ids.