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Problems restoring Exchange2003-Unable to create object for restore??

Level 4
I am having a hard time restoring the exchange 2003 information store.  We replicated what we have in production into a staging environment.  Built the domain controllers, and exchange servers from scratch.  Went through the exchange setup.exe /DisasterRecovery and was able to mount empty databases afterwards.  I went ahead and tried to do a restore from our netbackup master server onto our exchange server.  I installed the netbackup agents onto the exchange server and made sure the service had sufficient rights and so forth.
The problems I have encountered are:
"unable to create object for restore Microsoft Information Store:\CorporateOffice Storage Group\CorporateOffice Mailbox Store (BEDS 0xE000FE30).  A communication failure has occurred.
The other problem I have encountered are:
Error bprm from client exchangeserver: ERR unable to create object for restore: Microsoft Information Store:\CorporateOffice Storage Group BEDS(0xE000FEA9) Backup Exec Data store encountered a problem during the operation.
Now my question:  What the heck does backup exec have to do with our netbackup 6.0MP4 environment?
yet another problem I ran into was the data buffer size being 32768 and cannot write at 65536???
Thanks so much for any help

Level 3
Hi Michael.

A couple of things here in what I consider the order of importance:

1)  What NBU version and MP are you running?  Make sure that the master, media and client are all at the same MP.  This is important.  I know it shouldn't matter, but it does.

2)  Don't worry about the BE message.  Much of the database code is common between NBU and BE.

3)  Are you restoring back over a production database or to an RSG?  In your staging environment, would the hostname of the Exchange server be different than that in production?

If it's the latter, MS requires that the store being restored already exists on the destination client or that RSG be named with the orignal store's name.  I.E., it can't be named "Recovery Storage Group."

4)  When you do the restore, are you choosing to restore everything to the original location or to an alternate location.  If it's the former, try using the Restore to different location button and specify, for example:

Microsoft Information Store:\Recovery Storage Group

5)  If you have a SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS touch file that is set to 32768, create a corresponding restore touch file with the same value named:


Please let us know the answers to the above and how things go.