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Problems to backup Cluster Infoscale with 2 VM's and shared disk

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Good morning

I have a cluster with Veritas Infoscale made up of 2 VMs with shared disk and I need to backup with Netbackup.

Is it possible to backup each of the VMs with the shared disk? or what would be the procedure to back up the 2 VM's with the shared disk?

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Vmware (I imagine that you use VMware) is not letting you snapshot VMs with shared discs.
So netbackup cannot backup the VMs. You have to install netbackup client software inside the VMs and treat them as physical systems.
You must configure FS (with BMR) and database backups.

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Hi @olguer 

If I'm not mistaken, the shared disk will be some form of RDM, so as @StefanosM you will be unable to use a VMware backup to protect that and will require an agent in the VM. 

That said, the base VM should be able to be protected by a VMware policy. You should configure the disk settings to exclude the data disks (or give it a specific disk/VMDK list to protect). 

Then the policy for the shared disk can be directly targeted to the virtual name of the cluster, so it runs on whichever node currently owns the shared disk.