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Problems with a restore

Level 2
Using netbackup 6.0MP5 I'm having a problem doing a restore.
When I start the restore, this is my activity log

begin restore
1 images required
media HU0270 required
media 000174 requestd
media 000077 required
media 000145 required
restoring image xxxxxxxxxxx
started process bptm(572)
Monting HU0270
requesting resource HU0270
granted resource HU0270
granted resource IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.004
connected: connect time 00:00:07

After about 15 minutes and the tape has been moved into a drive I get this

Error bptm(pid-572) error requesting media. TpErrno = Robot operation failed
Current media Hu0270 is complete. requesting next media IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.004:DataStore HU0270
granted resouce HU0270
granted resource IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.007
started process bptm (572)
mounting HU0270
Error bptm(pid-572) error requestingmedia TpErrno = Robot operation failed
current media HU0270 complete, requesting next media IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.007 DataStore HU0270
granted resouce HU0270
granted resource IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.010
started process bptm(572)
mounting HU0270
Error bptm(pid=572) error requesting media TpErrno = Robot operation failed
current media HU0270 complete, requesting next media IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.010 DataStore HU0270
current media HU0270 complete requesting next media IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2. DataStore HU0270
awaiting resouce IBM>ULTRIUM -TD2.010; DataStore HU0270 A pending request has been generated for this resouce request.  Operator action may be required Pending Action Tape is unmountable, Media ID: HU0270 Barcode HU0270 Density hcart2, Access Mode: REad, Action Drive Name N/A Action Media Server: N/A Robot Number 0 Robot Type TLD, Volume Group, 000_00000_TLD, Action Acs N/A, Action Lsm N/A
Warning bprd(pid=4408) Restore must be resumed prior to first image expiration on 7/31/2009 1:21:26 AM
end Restore elapsed time 01:57:22
termination requested by administrator(150)


Level 2


I just had the same thing and someone had opened the door to the robot and the robot was offline.

Kevin M

Level 2
Robot is online and moving the tape.  It actually puts in the different drives each time the log states. 

Level 6

It's trying to mount but appears that it does not.  Confirm that you can mount the tape via robtest