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Prolonged backup in sql

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Hi guys,

We have a sql server and we backup the it using MS Windows type of backup.

Would like to inquire our recurring prolonged backup on sql server. A prolonged backup is considered when the allotted backup window exceeds running 24hours.
The Master/Media server and the Client server are already both on 10GB Backup LAN. 
The files that are backed-up are SQL DB files. Currently the backup size of the weekly and monthly backup is around 1.8TB (from 3.5TB to 4.8TB, to lessen backup time 1 Database backup was relocated to another drive during weekly and monthly backup). Backup time was reduced from around 200hours to 48hours but still prolonged backup is still encountered.
*Noticed that the KB/SEC speed is quite slow eventhough it is on 10GB LAN. Any thoughts.

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I would firstly look at resources on the SQL server during backup - CPU, Memory, disk.

Please also have a look at this section in the manual:

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There is a bottleneck somewhere from client to server, you have to check all your chain links while backup is running : CPU, memory, disks, switches, routers/firewalls, tape drives, SAN, ... etc. And this requires some knowledge and experience in all these fields.