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Promote media server to master server

Level 2
We are running a Netbackup 6.5.2 master server on a Solaris 9 platform and this server is being reallocated.  I have a Solaris 10 media server that will take it's place very nicely and I am wondering how I can promote it.  Here is my problem, I cannot take the current master servers name, I cannot roll the media server back to Solaris 9 to match up OS versions, and I cannot replace the current master server with a new piece of hardware.  Any ideas other than Symantec professional services?

Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
Here is one idea:

1.  Decomission the Solaris 10 media server
2.  Change the hostname of the Solaris 10 machine to the hostname of the master server.
2.  Reinstall Netbackup 6.5.2 on the Solaris 10 machine as a master server.
3.  Perform a hot catalog backup of the Solaris 9 master server.
4.  Recover the catalog on the Solaris 10 master server using the catalog recovery wizard.

The Solaris OS versions don't have to match.  

I don't believe a media server can simply be promoted to a master server since all the NetBackup databases resides on the master server.


Level 2
Reagan - thanks for the reply.  I can't take the name of the current master server.  That name goes with the hardware for the application it will run (JD Edwards).  A long time ago before I started here, the Netbackup master server ran on a JD Edwards app server - The JD Edwards team want their name to reduce the impact on the application side (which is understandable).