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Promoting the media server to act as master

Level 3

I am trying to come up with a DR plan for my Netbackup domain.

Has anybody had any experience of "prompting a media server to be a master server" in the event of a master server outage?

I want to have 2 media servers and a master server at my primary site and a media server at my DR site.

In the event of a disaster I want to be able to promote any of the media servers to a master.



Level 4
I think the easiest way to do this would be to re-install NetBackup on that media server and choose the master server option.  Once you have the software installed, configure your robots/drives, and perform a catalog restore

Level 4
We've built our NBU masters on identical hardware just for this reason. If we needed to, we could image the original NBU master (we make these periodically) and restore it to the (in your case) NBU media server & be up and running quickly.
If you run EMM on the NBU master like we do, changing the NBU master may not be enough. EMM holds all the data of who wrote what where when, etc.
We can restore the EMM data to get the catalog up to date from there.

Level 3
OK. Thanks for the reply.

I am just wondering about this "promote media server"

Maybe its not as straight forward as it sounds. I thought you could have a media server running and "promote" it to a master server but then I suppose the hostname has to be the same as master server you are recovering the catalog.