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Protect your Nutanix AHV data using NetBackup

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Veritas NetBackup now lets you back up and restore Nutanix AHV virtual machines. You can use the Nutanix AHV plug-in for NetBackup to back up and restore AHV virtual machines.

The following diagram gives an overview of the components in NetBackup and Nutanix AHV:


Backup Host: Reads and writes backup data and manages NetBackup storage media. If your backup host is not a NetBackup master, media, or appliance, install a NetBackup client on the backup host to process backup and restore requests. The operating system of the backup host must be Linux.

BigData Policy: The BigData policy (Introduced with NetBackup 8.1) lets you backup and restore big data applications and hyper-converged systems. For example, Hadoop and Nutanix AHV, respectively.

You can find more information on these URLs:

For additional information, see:



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Nice share.


Does it have any limitation of VM size. say i should not backup 10 or 20 Gig VM?




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Hi @SENTI1983

I have actually started reading through the documentation provided via the links in the opening post.

The links takes you to various sections in Veritas NetBackup for Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) Administrator's Guide

I cannot find any such limitation.
If there was, it would've been listed under Notes and restrictions.
At least, this is where I would expect such a restriction to be documented.

Maybe Nutanix has a limitation. 
From what I can see (no personal experience), no such limitation on NBU side.

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Nutanix plugin is quite new for Netbackup.. not many customer's would be using now to know how is it performing.. maybe as time progresses we shall see if any issues of any kind noticed

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Is BE also backup the Nutanix AHV? or any workaround to backup the AHV using BE

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Only NBU has a Nutanix agent. 
There is no agent as yet for BE. 

We have been told by BE product management that it is on the roadmap. 
Best to work with your local Veritas office to put pressure on BE Product Management.

In the meantime, I believe that the only way to backup Nutanix VMs is to install a remote agent on each VM and backup as if they are physical servers. 

For any further BE-related queries, please post in BE Forum