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Protecting Azure Stack HCI with NetBackup

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With NetBackup 9.1 and higher, you can now reduce the complexity of your data management with a fast, cost-effective, and unified Azure Stack HCI backup and recovery solution.

Backup and recovery are essential to protect the data on your hybrid-infrastructure investments, but such solutions can introduce complexity or fall short of what’s necessary to protect all your organizations’ workloads. As a leader in data backup and recovery, Veritas NetBackup provides enterprise IT organizations with a simple and powerful way to ensure the integrity and availability of your data, including hybrid clouds.

Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) cluster solution that hosts virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid environment combining on-premises infrastructure with Azure cloud services.  NetBackup supports Microsoft Azure Stack HCI with the same robust features NetBackup already delivers for Hyper-V.

Benefits of protecting your Azure Stack HCI with NetBackup

1. Ensure 100% availability of your virtual machines with NetBackup’s snapshot technology, which uses Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) depending on your Windows server version.

2.Reduce the size of your backup image with Block-level backups of the virtual machine.

3. Optimize backup performance and increase speed to restore with the NetBackup Accelerator. By using Microsoft’s resilient change tracking (RCT) NetBackup can offer faster backups—in full or incremental—of your virtual machines.


4. Restore full virtual machine from: Full backups of the VM, Block-level incremental backups of the VM, and Accelerator backups of the VM.

5. Restore individual files of the virtual machine from: File-level incremental backups of the VM, Full backups of the VM, Block-level incremental backups of the VM, and Accelerator backups of the VM.

6. Flexibility to restore to the original location or alternate location.  As shown on the screenshot below


7. Reduce human error and intervention by automating backup and recovery with Intelligent Policies allowing you to automatically select virtual machines based on your organizations defined criteria.



8. Ensure a workload will operate correctly when data is restored with application consistent backups.

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