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PureDisk used capacity Mismatch between two servers

I have server 22 and sever 24, both servers have the same disk pool usable size which is 50,471,198.73 but server 22 disk pool used capactity is 38,265,560.96 with percentage disk pool usage at 75.82 and server 24 used capacity is 34,230,007.16. with percentage disk pool usage at 67.82. I called netbackup and there are no orphaned deduplicated Images and his suggestion was to run an images on disk report (which I have running now) and find the odd images. I was just wondering if anyone else may have came accross an issue like this be before or if anyone have any good ideas. I attatched a copy of the Disk pool utilization and capacity report from the netbackup appliances.

Thank you in advance.




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I have moved this discussion

I have moved this discussion to NetBackup forum. Seems you forgot to add the attachment? Please also tell us NBU version and patch level.