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Please advise can we setup puredisk using external storage like VNXe, or any other file system ?


i got 50TB IBM storage and want to setup puredisk is it possible with puredisk option license ?

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Re: Puredisk

Yes, you can. Any 'locally attached' (FC or iSCSI) that conforms with ingest requirements (see MSDP manual) can be used on supported media server (see OS Compatibility guide). Bear in mind that any media server can only have one MSDP/PureDisk diskpool.

Re: Puredisk

So it is rather bizarre you refer to PureDisk.

We don't use that term any more. PureDisk used to be a separete solution.

Is it MSDP (NBU Media Server Deduplication Pool) you refer to? And are you sure you understand what you are doing..?

Re: Puredisk

I guess this discussion is a a progression from this one:

Re: Puredisk

Any reason why you raised the same topic as a new discussion?