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Pushing Standard Encryption To NB6 Client From NB7 Server

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We currently provide backup and restore services for a number of devices. Many of them are still using the 6.5 client software, but our server software is 7.x. For undisclosed reasons, it is unlikely the clients will be updated ith a newer version anytime soon. The 7.x client software already has the encryption software built-in according to the NetBackup 7 Security & Encryption guide, but the 6.5 clients should still require us to push it to them with the 'bpinst -ENCRYPTION' command. That particular flag is no longer available in 'bpinst' and the NetBackup 7 Command guide pretty much states it only pushes legacy DES encryption out now.

Is there a way to push standard encryption out to the client devices from our side using bpinst?

If we used the 6.5 bpinst tool to push the encryption out, would it work with the NB7 server? The clients seem to otherwise function just fine on the newer server software.


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Looks like it won't work.

Please see this post and TN :