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Quantum DXI duplication failing

OK I have a Quantum DXI that is configured as an NDMP host using path-to-tape  The backup to disk is working just fine.  However, when the duplication kicks off to duplicate the backup image to tape, it mounts the tape in the tape library attached to the DXI and eventually times out.  The job fails with a status 191. The log just shows received keep alive over and over until it eventually dies.  We have checked on the tape library side and there is definitely a tape mounted in the drive.  No data getting to it though as far as we can tell.

Am I correct to assume that NBU has handed the duplication job off to the OST and at that point the OST should handle the duplication to the tape drive attached to the DXI? 

Anyone have any clue on what could be causing this? 

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A bit more information please

A bit more information please ...

Which version of NetBackup are you running, what O'S being used an which version of the OST plugin?

Which DXi do you have?

Are the tape drives shared with any other media servers - if so what O'S are they?

Have you done a support snapshot of the DXi and does that show any errors (or could you post it here)

How long before the job actually times out?

Has it ever worked or has it just stopped working?


Open a case with Quantum.

Open a case with Quantum.  I've ran into too many issues with the DXi, in regards to items like this that its simpler to open a case with them as it's usually their fault..