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Query Builder Questions

Level 4

I have a couple of things that I cannot figure out..


1) I'm trying to use the query builder to back up based on vmfolder - this seems to work but it does not include child folders??? Any way arong this?


2) While checking  failed backups I see that my VMware Polcies include my master(backup host) as a client so naturally it fails each time since my master is a hardware box... I've set my VMware policy to point at just folders so I'm not sure why it is trying to take a snapshots of the backup host?? (Please see my images I've included)


My environment is as followed..


Windows Master\Media  2008 R2 Ent

Windows Media 2008 R2 Ent




Thank You


Level 4

I think I figured out part#1 If I use Contains it seems to grab the entire folder structure :)